The beauty tools to add to your beauty rituals

The daily beauty routine is your best ally for the care of your face, let's find out how to make it more effective, fun and turn it into a real moment of self-pampering for your face and for yourself.

Here are the ones we like best

Gua sha

Directly from Chinese medicine comes this beauty secret, gua sha is a stone, usually in the shape of a stylized heart, which goes directly into contact with the skin, and which, massaged on the face (but also on other parts of the body), favors not only circulation, but promotes lymphatic drainage (it is also used to combat cellulite), improves skin elasticity, eases muscle tension and acts on fine lines.
According to Chinese medicine, the use of gua sha also positively influences the channeling of energies, working on the 7 chakras. So you can have benefits on your body and mind.
After applying the face serum or face cream, start gently massaging the skin of the neck and face.

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Jade roller

Jade rollers are highly useful beauty tools for a facial massage.
What are the pluses of Jade rollers? The mechanical action of the roller that runs on the skin acts on the lymphatic system, improves microcirculation and smoothes wrinkles.
For those who are not experts in crystal therapy, jade is said to be a mineral with multiple beneficial properties, such as: relieves stress, helps relax and stimulates the immune system.
How to use Jade Roller ? After applying the face serum or face cream, begin to gently massage the skin of the neck and face, (without too much pressure), with the jade roller with movements from the bottom upwards, to counteract the "gravity" effect

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The facial sauna

What's this? The principle is the same as for a conventional sauna, except that it is only your face that receives steam.
To use it, just place your face over the vaporizer previously filled with demineralized water to avoid the accumulation of limescale on the skin, therefore wait 10 to 15 minutes according to your needs, you can add a few drops of essential oil adapted to your skin. Once done, apply a mask on your face that will penetrate better thanks to the open pores, such as these from Honieh.

Skin scrubber

Ultrasonic facial cleansing scrubbers are the best way to get clean skin, eliminate impurities and blackheads and treat acne.
Furthermore, the massaging action of the waves eliminates dead cells and smoothes out wrinkles and small imperfections, for a truly efficient lifting action, improves the properties of our serums.

Corrective patches

If you don't have time for facial massages in the evening, you can use anti-wrinkle patches, mainly corrective, to remove the more marked lines.
The application of these anti-wrinkle patches is simple: they are simply applied in the evening before going to bed exactly on the affected area and fixed with a little water.
Wearing them (at least overnight), the eyebrows do not contract. The muscle relaxes on its own and the crease is visibly more attenuated.

These are the tools that we like and use most, which one do you use?