Erika Boldrin, founder of Honieh, decided to launch a collection of natural, organic, and vegan skincare products after having lived a vegan and healthy lifestyle for a very long time.
She believes in natural beauty and in products that can make a difference in your wellbeing and support your health.


We want to live in a world where beauty has no standards. Beauty should be natural and real: for us, it means confidence and strength.
We know that your physical appearance plays a significant part in your day to day life, and we will always respect that. Nevertheless, we believe that healthy skin comes from a healthy heart and mind: nourish yourself, and your appearance will reflect how you feel inside.


All our products are made with love and care: the same love and care you should use to treat your skin.
We produce skincare products that do not harm the skin or alter it in any way.
They are all-natural and vegan.
We say no to animal testing and child labour.
No harm to the skin, body, or mind.
No parabens
No phthalates
No sulfates
No silicones
No petrochemicals
No synthetic fragrances
No synthetic dyes


We decided to go through a third-party certification process with AIAB. AIAB is a certification association that guarantees that the ingredients of cosmetic products come from natural sources, are environmentally friendly and that we limit the use of chemical processes during production.


All ages
All genders
All humans

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