Meet the founder: Erika

How was the idea of ​​Honieh born? 

Honieh's idea was born by chance after a series of trips to America and after starting a healthier life (nutrition); I felt the need to have more awareness and knowledge of what I ate and what I used for my body.

So I started buying natural products, using them and seeing a benefit on both my skin and my hair. I started studying the products on the market, the natural active ingredients and I became passionate about this world.

After three years of traveling, I realized that I always continued to buy exclusively when I was traveling in America and I was sorry that in Italy there were still no brands that embraced my philosophy.

So in September 3 years ago I decided to embark on this adventure in the world of natural and certified skincare.

I continue to work in fashion, which is still my other great passion.

Why the name Honieh?

Choosing and creating a name was one of the most difficult parts, I was undecided whether to use an Italian word but in the end I focused on a word that does not exist but that evokes a series of sensations: being sweet, pretty, liking yourself.

Honieh is also a combination of letters that have a precise meaning: 

H Healthy - products made for the well-being of the skin
O Organic - our products are AIAB certified therefore with a guarantee of environmentally friendly ingredients and natural sources
N Natural - 100% natural and vegan products
I Italian - 100% made in Italy
E Everyone - our products are for everyone: all ages, all genders, all humans
H honest - it is essential for us to be transparent from the pack to the ingredient list

Honieh | Clean beauty for authentic people