Detox January


There are many excuses: the food excesses of the holidays just passed, the resumption of work rhythms, the good intentions that have been postponed for too long.

Whatever your excuse, each one is good for cleansing your body and your skin! January is the month of detox for us, are you ready?


Purification has been a practice approved for centuries and capable of bringing benefits to the entire body by lowering the levels of inflammation in the body, eliminating the overload of toxins, reactivating metabolic processes and awakening the somewhat dormant energies.

What we recommend is to face your detox by drinking a lot, following a balanced diet, supported by specific supplements and a mix of plants that can accompany you on this journey

Which plants can help us in this phase?

Turmeric: rich in antioxidants, aids in digestion and detoxification
Artichoke: has a strong protective and detoxifying action on the liver and, consequently, helps regulate blood cholesterol
Mint: thins bile, promotes digestion and associated with fennel and anise prevents abdominal swelling
Burdock: known for its antiseptic and purifying properties, it can help especially when impurities appear on the skin
Dandelion: its detoxifying action is valid on the skin, which becomes fresh and luminous but also on the lymphatic system
Nettle: detoxifying, helps eliminate waste and toxins, reduces the body's acidity and balances the pH
Marjoram: has digestive and antispasmodic properties.


The skin detox is a process of deep detoxification of the skin aimed at freeing it from impurities accumulated both from the outside (smog, dust etc.), but also from the internal toxins of the body that are the result of nutrition.

How does the skin detox work?
Detoxifying the skin means not only cleaning it and freeing it from dirt but also stimulating the natural renewal processes.

How does it happen?

following a balanced diet
increased daily water intake
beauty routine that uses cleansing, exfoliation and skin care
Honieh and the skin detox
Here are the main products for a correct skin detox:

SOFT CLOUD cleanser: soft foam that removes make-up, pollutants, dirt and excess oil, leaving the skin looking brighter, fresher and more energized after each use, respecting the PH.
It is the perfect base for the next steps of the daily beauty routine.

DEEP DETOX: face mask with purifying, calming and anti-redness action specific for impure, oily and acne-prone skin.
Apply to the face and leave for about ten minutes, then remove the excess with a cotton swab or rinse with warm water.
Your skin will look visibly healthy right after use and you will love using it as a cure-all when you need an ego boost.

RISE & SHINE: mask with antioxidant and moisturizing effect, to reduce wrinkles and even out the skin tone.
To be used daily or whenever the skin needs an energy booster, even in the evening before an important blind date!
Face mask with nourishing, plumping, revitalizing, anti-aging action, ideal for a shock treatment that restores the brightness and firmness lost after a stressful day to the skin.

GLOW UP: glycolic acid exfoliating mask is suitable for all skin types and is made with 5% glycolic acid that gently smoothes dead skin cells accumulated on the surface to restore the soft and smooth skin that hides underneath.
Spread our mask on your face and let it do its work for 10 minutes. As you rinse off the gel, you will immediately notice smooth skin with tangible softness and a vitreous glow. It's like a tube spa.