Are you getting enough beauty sleep?

We all know sleep is important, but the reality of our busy modern lives is that most of us are sleeping less than we should. Sure, you can have triple coffee in an attempt to break your brain and be a soldier, but did you know that not getting enough sleep can actually impact your skin and lead to premature aging? Unfortunately your triple shot will not solve this problem.

During the night, when we sleep, the repair and renewal mode begins. During these moments, your skin's repair phase is working hard to create fresh new cells to replace old, damaged ones.

So when we spend a little too much time watching Netflix in the wee hours of the morning and don't count all the sheep we should, our skin can lose all the repair and renewal benefits it needs. The result? Say hello to premature aging.

This is where our Deep Detox mask comes into play, once applied to the face and waiting 15 minutes you can remove it with a dry cloth to allow the active ingredients to continue working during the night and help the skin in the repair and renewal phase. ..even if you haven't captured most of them

What's inside that makes it possible? Well, the first is organic Aloe Vera which stimulates the growth of healthy cells, repairs tissue damage and hydrates dry skin. A natural barrier that can be used to protect the skin from dangerous toxins by eliminating bacteria on open wounds.
The next ingredients are the Liposomes of vitamins A and E, working in synergy, they exert an opposite action on skin aging and promoting cell renewal
We also find the prickly pear that contains vitamins E and F, Omega 3-6-9 helps reduce the appearance of premature aging signs such as discoloration and fine lines and improves skin hydration and radiance.
Rounding it all off is a whole host of other fantastic ingredients that work in tandem with the ingredients listed, so you'll wake up with a firmer, fresher, smoother complexion.

Of course, this product isn't just for night owls who don't get enough sleep but also for those who go to sleep at the right time and sleep like a baby :)

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