Bathroom talks - Carlotta Vagnoli


Carlotta Vagnoli is a sex columnist, content creator and journalist that’s not afraid to spread light on topics often repressed by society.
Through online platforms Carlotta shares her ideas on body perception, female and sexual independence and many other things we need to discuss right now.
So we decided to meet her at her home, to have a clear talk on these topics in her most intimate space.

Who is Carlotta? Three words you’d tell the mirror in front of you.

Author, activist, constantly on the run.

What is your daily and weekly beauty regimen?

Deep hydration and products for sensitive skin: I have a delicate skin complexion so I like to feel comfort and textures that nourish my skin.
Double cleansing, serums, nourishing masks and thick creams are a must have in my routine.

This a “bathroom talk” so let’s talk about it, is it messy or much more organized?

An apparent order that’s actually very confusing.

Any beauty secrets or personal hacks?

Jade rose quartz roller fridge temperature and you’re good to go: you’ll wake up better, it also helps me with headache after a long day in front of the computer.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“ Don’t forget the neck, it’s thirsty as well.”

And a piece of advice you’d give to someone?

Avocado oil is a savior again sensitive skin and lips that tend to get dry.

We often see your bathroom in your instagram selfies where you usually discuss topics related to body image, slut shaming and so on, is there any specific thought on these kind of topics you are having lately you want to share with us?

The bathroom is the place where for years each one of us - especially women and those who identify themselves as women - feels most vulnerable: the mirror sees us naked, in our intimacy, without any make up or dress. It’s the first place where we are used to spend time on our own in the most authentic and primordial way, and that is often scary. Turning our bathroom into a place where we can normalize our naked bodies consoles all those cries I once did as a young girl in that same room, when I didn’t feel like I was enough and I was scared of my own reflection. More bathrooms and less edited covers please!