Bathroom talks - Giulia Torelli

Giulia Torelli, born in 1987, lives in Milan and works there. Her specialty is organizing the wardrobes of others, order and style have always been her passion which then became her job: she is a closet organizer! He goes to people's homes and together they decide what to keep and what to discard in the closets (bathroom and beauty things included) and then arrange everything with a criterion. We went to see her and we are obsessed with her bathroom! all Pink :) there in his favorite place in his house we did the interview.


Tell us something about yourself (what you do...)
My name is Giulia, I am an influencer, a closet organizer and a radio host

What makes you feel better? and what worse? (related to body-skin-behavior..etc)
It's trivial but I'm fine when I sleep a lot and drink lots of water. The difference is clear. And then when I smear cream on my face!

What do you do to stay healthy while traveling around the world?
I literally carry a mini suitcase of products because I hate changing my beauty routine, especially after flying. I try to eat well at home (at least breakfast!) And I walk a lot

How do you manage jet lag?
I've never suffered in my life! I'm lucky

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?
A moisturizing mask and a book in the bathtub

What is your daily beauty regimen?
Cream to oil cleanser, tonic, serum, spf50 cream and moisturizer. In the evening I remove make-up with an oil make-up remover and reapply serum and cream.

Your bathroom: more is more or is it organized in the style of Marie Kondo?
There are many things but all organized in large drawers, I don't like having products in sight

Tell us about one of your best kept beauty secrets?
I really have no secrets, only constancy

What's the best advice you've ever received?
Dry skin should not be stressed and tortured! For years I have been doing scrubs and aggressive masks without knowing that my skin needed nourishment

Did you introduce a new beauty routine or ritual when you were in quarantine?
No indeed, I reduced the products to the bone. Just a rich cream (like Honieh moisturizer in the evening)

The last thing you do before bed?
I put on cocoa butter

Any essential elements for beauty to keep on the bedside table?
For me, cocoa butter and cuticle oil

What does it mean to love yourself for you?
Always take time for yourself, even if it were 5 minutes a day

What does beauty mean to you?
Less is more, you don't need millions of tricks and tricks to be beautiful

A question for Honieh?
When you will release new products?!

Giulia Torelli @rockandfiocc